Dan Dolan


Robus and Moon Base Builders (MBB) are the dream of US businessman, Dan Dolan. MBB was registered July 20, 2012 and is a privately held firm based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Dan is working on building support and interest in this great undertaking. MBB hopes to build a permanently manned lunar base preceded by one or more robotic/rover missions.

Age 60, Dan and his wife Sue Ellen have three grown children. He has worked in the hardware and lighting business for 35 years in Portland, Oregon. He and his wife own four hardware stores in Oregon and have 60 employees. He is also part owner and Managing Member of Dolan Northwest which operates 14 lighting showrooms/stores in Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Idaho. That company has over 250 employees.

Supporting Staff

Audrey Ste-Marie

Communications Expert

Audrey is the Marketing and Communications Intern for Moon Base Builders. She’s a recent graduate from University of Quebec in Montreal and her background in international communications, online community management and public relations contribute to our team. She has over seven years of experience in customer service and has worked as a membership representative for an internationally renowned museum. She has also been involved in the organization and the promotion of cultural events in Montreal as a Communications Director’s Assistant.

Kyle Bocian

Graphic Designer / Engneering intern 
Kyle is the Engineering Intern. He’s in charge of Web Administration and Design for Robus. He’s currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Portland State University as well as pursuing a minor in Space and Planetary Science. An amateur astronomer, his knowledge and curiosity for science and space benefit the team. He also possesses graphic design, CAD skills, and years of experience as a computer technician.