Space News

CubeSats Search for Lunar Water

A team of NASA scientists wants to draw a more complete picture of where water exists on the Moon and whether it migrates across the lunar surface, including in the permanently shadowed regions that haven’t seen sunlight in perhaps a billion years or more. Link to... read more

Will Trump Redirect NASA to the Moon?

With Donald Trump as president-elect, moon-colony-loving Newt Gingrich hovering close at hand, and Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, NASA may soon be told to get ready to do what it already did back in the 1960s and ’70s — put people on the moon,... read more

NASA Looking for Lunar Ideas

NASA is seeking information on the availability of small payloads that could be delivered to the Moon as early as the 2017-2020 timeframe using U.S. commercial lunar cargo transportation service providers. Link to full article... read more

Mexican Students Build Mars Rover

The first prototype of a Mars explorer robot designed in Mexico by a team of 10 university students has gained the recognition of NASA and the International Astronautical Federation. Link to full article... read more

Stratolaunch Finds New Partner

Stratolaunch Systems will use the giant aircraft the company is currently developing to launch Pegasus rockets from Orbital ATK as part of a “multi-year” partnership, the two companies announced Oct. 6th. Link to full article Stratolaunch to launch Pegasus rockets... read more

Blue Origin Announces New Rocket Family

Billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos announced yesterday (Sept. 12th) a massive new reusable rocket family in development for his private spaceflight company Blue Origin. The rocket, called New Glenn, will be used to launch satellites and people into space, according to Bezos.

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Lunar flyby will pioneer new scanning technology

“SkyFire’s lunar flyby will pioneer brand new infrared technology, enabling scientists to fill strategic gaps in lunar knowledge that have implications for future human space exploration,” said John Ringelberg, Lockheed Martin’s SkyFire project... read more